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Lab Impex Systems 


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Spectral Measurement Analysis in Real time - Continuous Air Monitor

The LIS SMART CAM uses total spectral fitting to do state of the art radon rejection for optimum sensitivity in actinide particulate air monitoring.
Available in alpha only, alpha+ beta, and beta only versions
  • total spectral fitting
  • high flow volumes gives maximum sensitivity
  • temp and air pressure correction for easy calibrations
  • industrial packaging  with highly flexible I/O
  • local alarms, Rs232/485 and Ethernet interfacing options Rad-NET compliant
  • optional local gamma channel
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The LIS gamma area monitor offer a wide range of dose rates possible by detector selection

  • auto high/low detector selection
  • local alarms and display/control
  • fully network capable
Click on any photo to enlarge CMS-35L

The CMSH3 is the solution for on line the tritium measurements

  • network interfaces
  • infernal detector for gamma background correction
  • optional large detector versions for maximum sensitivity
  • portable versions available


Click on any photo to enlarge GSS-1

Gas Sampling system - for sampling of D2 and D2O

  • high temp conversion to D2O
Typical PET Stack Monitor

A typical PET stack monitor consist of a PG-10 sampling system, a DP2000 series (differential pressure) flow meter, and a CMS control system. The DP2000 and its probe determine the stack flow and forwards this information to the CMS. The PG-10 provides the sample flow and the detector, The count rate data from the PG-10 is forwarded to the CMS. The CMS provides the smarts for the system. It does the concentration calculations, handles the alarms and local user interface.

The CMS system is also capable of incorporating an area gamma dose channel in the same system

The 9205 Data management system can manage the data and provide automated reporting for one or several CMS based stack or area dose systems.


PG-10 Sampling System

The PG-10 is a is specifically designed for beta gas sampling such as PET isotopes It is a flow thru system with a detector specifically designed for high Beta efficiency and low gamma sensitivity. It can be located remote form the sampling point. Flow is provided by a dedicated pump. The sampling probe and the pump are typically considered as part of the PG-10


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