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Lab Impex Systems 



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Stack/Area Monitors for PET Isotope Production

The Laboratory Impex Systems PET stack monitor offers several advantages that are necessary to properly determine the stack release both to regulatory and best practice levels.

The Laboratory Impex Systems makes real stack flow and positron specific activity concentration measurements repeatedly over a release interval to properly calculate the actual release. The Laboratory Impex Systems provides a better measurement than any other commercial vendor in the market. Along the way we also provide remote sample measurement, easy calibration, real time local readouts, real time local alarms, and local data capture /trending analysis.

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Real Stack Flow Measurement

Laboratory Impex Systems provide an in-stack Pitot tube measurement linked to a highly sensitive differential pressure sensor that can measure real stack flow under dynamic conditions. Stack flows are notoriously different from design flows and without this measurement the release measurement is off by the same ratio.


Remote sample measurement

Laboratory Impex Systems pull a gas sample out of the stack and provide it via a forced flow system to a specialized detector that is located inside the building out of the weather for long life, thermal stability, and easy service. This also lets you locate the detector away from potential background sources like filter banks so a high background doesn't cause an over report of actual release


Positron sensitive detector

The Laboratory Impex Systems PG-10 is specifically designed positron isotope gas sample. Its unique design gives you an outstanding 3000:1 gamma rejection along with excellent sensitivity for positrons. The design is not influenced by the flow rate thru the detector and provides an extremely easy and accurate calibration method. Mass shielding is not needed under any typical conditions.


Simple and Reliable installation

The Laboratory Impex Systems CMS (Continuous Monitoring System) controller provides local readout, local alarms, data archiving / review, and programmable alarm relay outputs. A computer interface provides a wide range data storage, analysis, and reporting options


Computer Interface

The Laboratory Impex Systems data back end comes in two forms:

1) A low cost and simple DAS interface stores the data in a MS-Access format on a standard PC via a serial interface and provides instrument communication and minimum built in review but leaves you equipped to do your own site specific database query and reporting or

2) the 9205 full analysis and reporting system that does most everything but can't be adequately described in this space.



The fixed volume PG-10 detector located inside also makes for easy calibration. Since the concentration measurement made here is determined by the volume of the gas chamber not the flow rate through the chamber an activity and volume calibrated gas sample can be introduced and the efficiency immediately determined. The sample system has a valve set to quickly implement this hook up.


Area Dose

The CMS controller can also accommodate an optional gamma dose channel in addition to the stack measurement if you want to measure and record dose in some of the work areas.



Installation and service on site is provided. Experienced engineers and service personal are part of the package when you select Laboratory Impex Systems. Design stage consulting is also available


PG-10 Sampling System

The PG-10 is a is specifically designed for beta gas sampling such as PET isotopes It is a flow thru system with a detector specifically designed for high Beta efficiency and low gamma sensitivity. It can be located remote form the sampling point. Flow is provided by a dedicated pump. The sampling probe and the pump are typically considered as part of the PG-10

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