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Radiation Detection and Measurement Instrumentation for Alphas, Neutrons & X-Rays for a Worldwide, International Marketplace
Alpha/Beta Instrumentation

  • PERALS - High-Resolution Liquid Scintillation Alpha Spectroscopy
  • Frisch-grid - Large area, High-Resolution Alpha Spectroscopy -- without chemistry
  • Windowless, large area gas flow proportional counter for ultra-low alpha measurements
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Dual Parameter display for PSPC or PERALS

Special Products    
  • Bore-hole Frisch-grid detector
  • High resolution alpha spectrometry in pipes and bore holes

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ORDELA specializes in RAPID alpha assay.

How would you like alpha resolution comparable to a solid state detector on 10" diameter samples smears, swipes or soil samples or even whole, 8" x 10" air filter samples with no sample chemistry? Perhaps the Frisch-grid is for you.

Operation of the Frisch-grid counter is even easier with our new Automatic Gas Management (AGM) systems. One push of a button gives you walk-away flexibility in counting samples.

Or, would you like faster sample preparation procedures and almost 100% counting efficiency? The PERALS comes in standalone and NIM-versions with optional, built-in high voltage power supply (HVPS). Just add to a standard (12 & 24 volt) NIM Bin and count on your favorite MCA. Or, the standalone PERALS plugs into the wall -- perfect for mobile labs.

Our new ultra low background gas-flow proportional counter for the semiconductor industry will accommodate up to 12" diameter silicon wafers and has an active area of 1008 square centimeters. Operating on standard P-10 gas, a PC is used for data reduction and counts readout.


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